Hans-Christoph Lachnitt


Institute for Atmospheric Physics

Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz
Joh.-Joachim-Becherweg 21
55099 Mainz

Fon: +49-(0)6131-39-23527
Email: hlachnit@uni-mainz.de
Room: 05-263 (543)

PhD student in the group Airborne Measurements and UTLS Transport Processes, headed by Univ.-Prof. Dr. Peter Hoor.

Research Interests

Investigation of cross-isentropic mixing processes based on airborne in-situ trace gas measurements of CO and N2O. The goal is to identify the most important spatial and temporal scales and looking for favorable flow conditions for such mixing between tropospheric and stratospheric air masses.

PhD thesis:
Analysis of wave induced mixing processes at the tropopause

Research Tools

Trace gas fluxes, slope analysis, wavelet and other spectral analysis, Airborne measurment data (DEEPWAVE 2014, GW-LCYCLE 1,  GW-LCYCLE 2)