Thorsten Kaluza


Institute for Atmospheric Physics

Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz
Joh.-Joachim-Becherweg 21
55099 Mainz

Fon: +49-(0)6131-39-23527
Room: 05-263 (543)

PhD student in the group Airborne Measurements and UTLS Transport Processes, headed by Univ.-Prof. Dr. Peter Hoor.

Research Interests

PhD thesis: Impact of upper tropospheric jet-front systems on the mesoscale structure of the tropopause inversion layer and cross-tropopause transport

Research tools

Statistical analysis of NWP data, cyclone-tracking, compositing methods, trajectory analysis, comparison and synergy of campaign measurements with NWP output, airborne measurement data (WISE 2017)

Research in a nutshell

The analysis of atmospheric features in the upper troposphere / lower stratosphere (UTLS) and theirĀ  interaction, such as the tropopause inversion layer (TIL) and the extratropical transition layer (Ex-TL). Currently researching the tropopause inversion layer during baroclinic life cycles with a special focus on 1.) its temporal and spatial evolution, and 2.) its assumed controlling function regarding stratosphere troposphere exchange (STE). The research is composed of the analysis of different NWP (numerical weather prediction) data in synergy with aircraft-based in situ measurements especially from flights performed during the WISE (Wave driven ISentropic Exchange) campaign.